Team History

The Tiki Techs has grown tremendously from its four members in 2008 to its 30 members today. In 2009, Justin Brown became the lead adviser. His dedication and hard work guided the Tiki Techs, formerly known as the Kealakehe RoboRiders, to multiple victories. Our team competes in the FIRST Robotics, Botball, VEX, and MATE ROV Competitions.

In 2010 we won first place at the ‘Imiloa VEX Invitational Tournament. In 2011, our FRC rookie year, we won first place in the FIRST in Hawaii Robotics Competition despite many drawbacks that could have gotten us disqualified from the competition if it weren’t for the gracious professionalism and competitive cooperation spirit of the other teams. The Tiki Techs attended the VEX World Championships as well as the FIRST International Championships in 2011, learning valuable lessons from the two competitions. These lessons have allowed us to win first place in the Maui Fair VEX Tournament in 2011.

In addition to preparing for competition, we promote robotics throughout our community. We have hosted two FIRST Lego League (FLL) Competitions in 2012, as well as our first VEX qualifying tournament. In December we hosted the Hawaii Island Robotics Exploration and Showcase (HI-RES) in our school cafeteria. This event show cased elementary, middle and high school students. The community had a chance to experience robotics in action and see how students are learning about technology.
In 2012, we received the Engineering Inspiration Award at the FIRST Robotics Hawaii Regional and made it to St Louis for the World Championships. We also won the VEX Excellence Award and got a place at the VEX International Competition in Anaheim.
In 2013 we were lucky enough to make it back to the FIRST World Championships again with an Engineering Inspiration Award from the LA FRC Regional and a Chairmans Award from the Inland Empire FRC Regional in San Benardino. We also won the VEX Excellence Award and made it back to Anaheim for VEX Internationals.