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Kealakehe Robotics began in 2010 from a vision of two students, Kyle Kurihara and Chris Lysiuk. Their vision developed into a reality, when equally inspired students contributed hard work and progressive ideas. Once a vision, now a legacy. Today, we have grown into a successful organization through academic challenges, committed mentors, and community support. Our motto, kulia i ka nu’u, “strive to reach the summit”, involves a continuous process of reflection to push ourselves to new limits. We are driven by redefining our teams previous success, and guided by our core values.

Since our first meeting, each student and mentor commits to our Core Values:

1) Develop rigorous STEM aptitudes for all students.

2) Leverage the diversity of our team to create a premier program that will benefit future generations of students.

3) Maximize the potential of robotics to serve as a positive throttle for a sustainable community.

4) Create life-long learners passionate about solving difficult problems and finding innovative solutions.

5) Avail a safe place for students to explore their dreams and abilities while developing discipline, empathy, communication skills, & responsible risk taking.

At the start of the 2013-2014 school year we created an application process, designed to select high level passionate student leaders. A team of 45 students were selected to endure the conquest to the summit. It is mandatory that all of our students participate in the minimum of three academic competitions and one robotic competition. Expectations are held high in our program, in order to find that extra “gear” with in ourselves. To the world we are Kealakehe robotics, Tiki technologies, or team 3880, but to us we are family. We are Kealakehe Robotics and we are determined to strive, and continue to strive for the summit.