Global National History Day (G.N.H.D.)

Global Natural History Day was launched in 2012 by Kenneth E. Behring. This program was started with the set goals of celebrating and informing others on Natural History around the world and how it relates to individuals in the world as a whole. Over the years, the quantity of participants has increased greatly and Global Natural History has become a widely known and celebrated day focused on Natural History. This program is used to ignite a passion for natural science and natural history in elementary and middle school students. This program and day help students delve into other cultures history and unleash their budding curiosity which can be used to solve global issues with other students across the globe. The Kealakehe Tiki Tech’s like to take this day to celebrate the world of science and history and how it relates to STEM and robotics. The team enjoys educating the community on Natural History and also takes this day to do so by outreaching to the community.