OSHA Training

We take safety seriously. Every team member goes through Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training classes to learn how to be safe.

What is OSHA?

In 1970, Richard Nixon instituted the Occupational Safety and Health Act, creating the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Since the beginning of OSHA, the mortality rate at work has diminished. OSHA’s goal is to have safe working environments and healthy workers.

Why is OSHA Training important?

Learning OSHA safety standards helps the Tiki Techs create a safer environment in doing any manual labor tasks. With the founding of OSHA, death and injury tolls drastically fell over the past 32 years. OSHA Training is intended to train employees (Students) and the Employers (Mentors) to be safe in any working environment and to identify hazardous areas, keeping everyone safe.

How do we use OSHA?

We use OSHA to have a safe working environment and a better understanding of the tools we use in every robotics session. From the beginning of the school year, each student starts OSHA training classes. We use these safety practices during work time and competition.

We want to always be safe. We intend to make sure everyone on our team knows how to be safe. Every OSHA training session is taken seriously, no matter what subgroup that student is in. During any tournament that Tiki Technologies host, we make sure to create signs notifying people to be safe, especially the students.