Chairman’s Essay – 2013

Impact on Team Members

Kealakehe Tiki Technologies program aims to educate a diversity of high school students through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students find their passion through engaging collaboration in four subgroups: operations, documentation, programming, design engineering and fabrication (DEF). Our sub groups are designed to accommodate all interest in mathematics and science, expanding our knowledge through effective communication, technical writing, comprehensive research, and challenging engineer builds. All members develop abilities by obtaining knowledge through assistance from all students. Tiki tech guides and encourages all members to engage in academically challenging pursuits. As a team we continue to grow interdependently, redefining success with each passing year. “Kulia I ka Nu’u” we strive for the summit.

Impact on the Community

Kealakehe robotics believe community support is key to a successful program. We participate and host over 20 community involved events. The Kealakehe robotics team is actively involved with today’s youth. The biggest success in Tiki Tech history: First annual West Hawaii STEM camp.

Kealakehe robotics expanded STEM educational outreach to the youth of West Hawaii. Our program hosted the first STEM camp in West Hawaii history. Composed of two camps: basic (grades 3rd-5th) and advance (grades 6th-8th). The camp successfully engaged and educated  over a 100 3rd – 8th graders in a week full of exploring different scientific field taught by leading scientist and industrial professionals in Hawaii. Majority of all members in Kealakehe robotics dedicated their whole week to the camp, inspiring the youth in our community to become passionate about the world of mathematics and science. The overwhelming support and demand from our community inspired our dreams of hosting the West Hawaii STEM camp biannually.

The Kealakehe High School Tiki Techs annually host the  Hawai’i Island Robotics Exploration and Showcase (HI RES). This competition enabled the Tiki Techs to interact and form partnerships with robotics teams from around the island and within the West Hawaii community. This year HI RES added a First Lego League (FLL) and Jr FLL teams to the competition, additional excitement for everyone involved.

Innovative Methods to Spread FIRST

This is Kealakehe Robotic’s fourth successive year competing in FIRST.

We announce the exciting FRC season and weekly updates through Kealakehe High school wide morning broadcast, dually aired on the Hawaii state Public Access channel. Tiki tech members extend community outreach by sharing their enthusiasm  through fun radio advertisements. We promote FIRST by showcasing our current and former FIRST robots in all of our events. In addition, our graphic sub group creates informative interactive coloring books to captivate the communities youth. Doors are always open to curious members of the community.  

Role Model Characteristics

Through extensive community involvement Tiki Tech members developed strong role mental characteristics . The 2013-2014 team is led by the strongest student-leadership in our programs history. The responsibility members have cultivated from their community interactions and most of all STEM Camp. STEM Camp allowed every student to learn responsibility by representing themselves in a positive influence in todays youth.

Starting FRC Teams

Each week of the FRC season the Tiki Techs go on the schools morning and talk about the FIRST program and the progress of the robot.

Starting Other Teams

Our main mission is to implement robotics programs into West Hawaii intermediate and elementary schools. It is empowering to see our passion for robotics radiate through the community. Tiki Tech member, Kyla B. Hollis, extends our outreach internationally. She serves as a mentor for an Australian high school.

Assist Other Teams

FIRST evokes a new found success with each passing season, multiple progressive ideas arose this season. The beginning of the FIRST season a design group composed of student-leaders of sub groups, collaborated and contributed to the design of the robot. Our design team reached a consensus design for the middle section, enabling assistance to our alliance to achieve more goal points. A collaboration of our programming team and alumni, Kully Kekaula. The collaboration created a feasible autonomous program providing our alliance the ability to score during the autonomous period.

Mentoring Other Teams

Despite of the time difference we anticipate with excitement the game reveal just as much as national teams. FIRST kick holds true tradition in our program, piled into the robotics room, FIRST kick off greats us before the sun does. We engage into the new rules, educating ourselves on the new game. We always invite neighboring teams to join us and we have fun sharing our ideas and learning with them. We participate in a West Hawaii robotics showcase,  showcasing our robot throughout the night.

Over the years, tiki techs developed over 30 local and national partnerships. Our sponsors enable us to strengthen our program and spread STEM education throughout our community.