MATE Competitions

The Tiki Techs have participated in the MATE ROV competition for many years. Here are the challenges we haven taken on!


This year’s missions revolve around The Role of ROVs in Exploring WWII Shipwrecks. In this year’s mission, ROVs have to survey a shipwreck site and remove fuel oil from the ship within a fifteen minute period. Surveying the shipwreck includes measuring the length of the wreck, determining the orientation of the ship on the seafloor, creating a map of the wreck site, determining if debris piles are metal or non‐metal and scanning the shipwreck with sonar. When the ROV removes fuel from the ship, they must transporting and attach a lift bag to a fallen mast, inflating the lift bag to remove the fallen mast, remove endangered encrusting coral from the ship’s hull, transplant the coral, use two simulated sensors to determine if fuel oil remains inside the fuel tank, remove a sample of fuel oil from within the tank by drilling a hole into the hull, reseal the hole and return the sample to the surface.


This year’s missions revolve around The Oil Spill in the Gulf. In this year’s mission, ROVs must connect the hoses that carry the heavy drilling mud to the wellhead, turn a valve to start the mud flowing, and, once the flow of oil has stopped, place a cap on the wellhead to seal the well, all within a fifteen minute period. Teams must remove the damaged riser pipe, cap the oil well, collect water samples and measure depth and collect biological samples.


This year’s missions revolve around The Loihi Seamount. In this year’s mission, ROVs must resurrect HUGO, collect samples of a new species of crustacean, sample a new vent site and collect a sample of a bacterial mat within a fifteen minute period.