FIRST team 3880 values safety to the highest degree. These are tools used in the robotics shop and the rules that must be followed while using them.


 A major value we promote within our team & community is safety. Many teams discuss the promotion of safety, but we wanted to find a way to take it to the next level. Two of our mentors went through the US Department of Labor OSHA General Industry Training successfully earning credentials to train and certify student safety. Our Underwater ROV team also went through Scuba certification training. We decided to get industrial safety into the ethos of elementary students. We created a Keiki Safety Guide introducing the 20 most common tools of the shop & the five major PPE with clear descriptions & interactive graphics. We’ve distributed several hundred of these to students & have recently established publishing & binding of the booklet for mass production.

Safety Key:

The safety key helps guide you to follow the right safety precautions when using tools and equipment.

Hair and Clothes

People with long hair must have their hair tied up and out of the way.This prevents their hair from getting stuck in a tool. Loose or baggy clothing is not allowed in the shop because your clothing could get caught in tools. Do not wear flammable clothing when working with fire.



Closed Toed Shoes

All team members who enter the robotics building must wear closed toed shoes. Wearing closed toed shows prevents severe and unnecessary injuries in the case that something falls on their feet. This will also help prevent any injuries from stepping on sharp debris on the ground.

Safety Glasses
All team members who enter the pit area must wear safety glasses. This prevents severe and unnecessary eye injuries if something flies up towards your eyes.
Safety Gloves

While using tools that involve heat or causing harm to your skin, you should use special gloves. For example, the welding tool user needs to wear welder gloves to prevent burning the users hands.

Safety Hat/Hard Hat

Safety hats prevent unnecessary head injuries.


Be safe with our tools!

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Acetylene Torce

Adjustable Wrench

Allen Key

Ballpein Hammer

Chop Saw


Drill Press


Hack Saw


Power Drill



Socket Wrench

Soldering Iron

Torx Screwdriver


Wire Stripper