FRC 2012 – Week 1

Week 1 Goals


  1. Tested and built delivery system
  2. Battery rack made
  3. Pneumatics
  4. Test a drive system


  1. Video
  2. Saturday, Tuesday, Friday documentation
  3. Tuesday and Friday video


  1. Construct fender
  2. Fabricate hoop
  3. Create buttons, shirts, and safety hat designs
  4. Organize a supply list


  1. Update robot and LabVIEW software to 2012 versions
  2. Attain full motor control of the robot
  3. Set up camera to provide live video feed


“On the first day of FRC building, excitement, pressure, and nervousness mixed all within my heart. Getting one thing can make it, or break it for this robot.”
11th grade, Builder

Today begins week one of the FIRST 2012 Season! FRC’s basketball themed game, “Rebound Rumble,” has incited inspiration and determination in Tiki Techs students. Despite the inevitable challenges and obstacles our team will undertake, these traits are sure to provide the tenacity required to achieve the massive endeavor we have initiated.  Our FRC Team 3880, the Tiki Techs, continued work from last Saturday’s kick-off to further our week’s productivity and achieve our SMART goals. Our building group has worked diligently to accomplish tasks in addition to the team’s numerous projects: the chassis and frame, the ‘lay-up’ machine, the intake system, and understanding the game rules, while also creating an effective parts list for further production.

One of our seniors, Shoyo, led the chassis and frame working group. Another one of our seniors, Brad, took on the challenge of working on the lay-up system for the 2012 FRC robot. He worked today to conceptualize a design to contain the foam balls during game play.

Nemissa, team leader of graphics, set goals in branding some items that represent FRC Team 3880, Tiki Technologies. “Finalizing a logo for our team is our main goal for this week,” explained Nemissa. By first achieving this primary goal, the graphics team will then be able focus on creating accessories such as buttons, t-shirts, hard hats, etc.

As the end of FRC week one draws near, our team’s dedication to attain       our SMART goals is displayed. Hours into the work day, the whole team  met in our first end of week meeting that allowed us to collectively  communicate our current progress.  As both our accomplishments and  hardships tallied up, we obtained a comprehensive and accurate  perspective of our team’s current status.

Taking into account the trials of the previous week, we set our goals for  week two, each fully epitomizing our inspiration and determination. As the  end of the day neared, our build and program team managed to achieve  one of our major SMART goals: building a fully functional driving robot.   The achievement was met with cheering and acclamation as our first robot  took off at full speed.  Furthermore, the build team was capable of fabricating our first delivery system. As our robot has developed over the week, so have our future plans for it. Our build team has decided to resolve one of our most detrimental obstacles through the implementation of pneumatics, therefore, our online orders of cylinders and tubing were swiftly carried out. After encountering several difficulties involving an inability to re-image the cRIO and difficulties in updating the LabVIEW software, the programming team was capable of successfully carrying out the necessary updates and assembling a fully functioning electronic board.  The build team also succeeded in constructing several essential game components such as the fender and mounting the hoops on a board.  Lastly, our graphics and design team pulled off a successful week through the finalization of our team t-shirts and buttons.