FRC 2012 – Week 3

Week 3 Goals


  1. Vacuum
  2. Final Launcher


  1. Video
  2. Tuesday, Friday Documentation
  3. Tuesday, Friday Website
  4. Outreach/Service/Mentorship


  1. Field Components
  2. Graphics: Eight Products


  1. Video Recognition
  2. Drive Straight

“To be honest, I want to see the intensity at FIRST Internationals, as a long-term goal” – Chandler 12th grade, builder

 Our team, the Tiki Techs, and the West Hawaii Explorations Academy (WHEA) Robotics Team presented their robots and prototypes at the Big Island Technological Community Expo held at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA.)  Through this presentation, we both collaborated with the WHEA robotics team as well as reached out to the community, specifically a congregation of scientists and engineers, about the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) game Rebound Rumble. Beginning with an introduction to Rebound Rumble and its rules, we presented our prototyped robots, prototypes composed of VEX pieces, and ended the presentation by revealing our shooting mechanism.  Both of our teams were eager to share our progress and designs to the community as well as receive any input possible from the engineers there.


“Many of us are stressed with our team nearing competition; we continue to get our creativity flowing”. – Ariana 12th grade, Graphics Team

We are further along in our build process compared to last year. We are finalizing our launch system which consists of four FRC wheels connected to a storage and delivery system. Today our programming team is programming our pneumatics drive system as well as connecting the pneumatics systems to our joysticks. The graphics team has completed new button designs for our team safety, a safety booklet that explains the proper way to use our tools, and a safety poster that explains all the rules of the pit.

Today FRC Team 3880 ended the work session by relaxing and celebrating a birthday of our fellow student Josiah. Happy Birthday, Josiah!

We were a little behind this week, so to get back on schedule, we will meet for three days next week.

Throughout the six-hour work period today, we altered the frame so our robot could fit on the ramp, we worked on building our shooting mechanism and cut pieces for our motor mounts.

We’re continuing to update our Chairman’s Award binder, writing up our sustainability plan as well as experiences we had before FIRST season.

Since this year’s game revolves around basketball, we decided to design jerseys instead of t-shirts. To go along with the basketball theme,  we came up with the idea of having a basketball hoop hold our buttons during competition.

At our weekly meeting, we talked about our week two video and partnering with the Kohala Center.