FRC 2012 – Week 4


Josiah continues modifying the launcher, assembling the two sides so it can shoot basketballs. Zak and Mr. Hauck are working on the wiring of the robot. No open wires means no safety issues. Along with wiring, Zak and Mr. Hauck are figuring out how to place our pneumatics on the frame of the robot.

Today, Nemissa and Nikki, completed the tiki men for our pit area at competition. They look amazing! We also have awesome team bios up on the website, with more to come!





Mr. Brown began testing for the driver position today, quizzing interested students about the FIRST’s game rulebook.

Josiah, who works on our launcher, is re-creating the launcher, making the frame metal, and attaching four wheels. CJ and Shoyo are working on the frame of the robot. With help from Mr. Brown, they are working on the pneumatic wheels’s placement. Zac and Mr. Hauck are working on the wiring of the robot. Kela is completing the intake system of the robot.

Kully and Amy are uploading the programming so we can have the hybrid, labview, and pneumatics drive system. We are buying our jerseys for competition day! They look amazing. Ariana is reviewing our safety booklet with our mentor Mark Solien.

Ileana and Aricia continued updating the team website by adding more of our student and mentor biographies, and adding our weekly videos.

The Documentation Team has created the draft of our Chairman’s Award. Our award includes all the accomplishments of FRC Team 3880 through the 2011-2012 year.