FRC 2012 – Week 5


Our robot is finished! The frame is completed and the robot is steadily driving around the work station. Unfortunately, the chain of wheels fell off during test-driving, so we are back to fixing the robot.

With the robot in repair, the next task to complete is the launcher. The tool was rebuilt out of metal. The launcher can shoot basketballs, but not from a far distance. Josiah is leading this task, creating new washers to fit the motor to keep the tool from falling apart.

Kully continued to work with our drive program. He has the program working, but the robot fidgets when driving. He is working on fixing the drive software to prepare our robot for practice.

Our graphics team is beginning rough drafts of our team pit. Nemissa is working on the design. Nikki is working on editing our safety booklet.


The ball collector was re-added and minor modifications were made today. The ball collection tool is composed of VEX wheels that are spun by motors, bringing the balls to our launcher to be shot to the goals.

Kela cut more Plexiglas to protect each side of our robot. Josiah continued to work on our launcher.

We completed our mini field today with carpet donated by our local Home Depot.

Kully completed the drive system and worked on our robot’s optical shaft encoders so the robot is able to calculate distance.