Our motto, “kulia i ka nu’u,” to strive for the summit,  is reflected by our continual process reflection and perseverance to push ourselves to new heights.

While our community offers very limited STEM educational opportunities, Team 3880 opens its doors to all students and facilitates the development of their personal passions and corresponding skills. From welding to graphic design, students are encouraged to do what they love with the credo: “Be excellent while bringing out that which is excellence in others.” With this, many students come in and start new programs or projects based on personal interest. The program gives students a feeling of purpose because they are able to make a difference in their personal life, for the robotics team and for the community. The students in this program develop a drive, the ability to work hard and produce high quality work. Through our industrial and design cycle process, Team 3880 seeks to give students a taste of rigorous, time-bound problems in hopes of preparing all students to flourish in a 21st century career field.

Tiki Technologies began in 2010, on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Since our first meeting, each student and mentor commits to our Core Values:

1) Develop rigorous STEM aptitudes for all students.

2) Leverage the diversity of our team to create a premier program that will benefit future generations of students.

3) Maximize the potential of robotics to serve as a positive throttle for a sustainable community.

4) Create life-long learners passionate about solving difficult problems and finding innovative solutions.

5) Avail a safe place for students to explore their dreams & abilities while developing discipline, empathy, communication skills, and responsible risk taking.

As rookies during 2011’s “Logo Motion”, we entered FRC as an anxious, inexperienced group. Our team entered our first year with no engineering mentors, a $1500 budget, & the back counter of a science lab as our workroom; we had to persevere, to overcome many many many obstacles; like getting our laptop with all the program files stolen, finding an error in week 4 that forced us to start fresh on our robot, and had to fully remake two or three subsystems on ensuring every hole, cut, weld, wire, and code line constructed, was done by students.

We overcame obstacles proving ourselves as the strongest defensive robot in competition, as part of the winning alliance, we secured our place at the FIRST Championship. Also winning the General Motors Industrial Design Award. By 2011 we attended two world championships & Hawaii Governor Abercrombie proclaimed July 4, 2011 as Kealakehe Robotics Team Day.