Kyle Kurihara


“R-O-B-O-T-I-C-S. Robotics.”
Kyle became part of the robotics team in 2008. He was the lead programmer at the time and was on the drive team for our 2011 FIRST Robot. He is currently studying Computer Science at Rice University. It was a great experience for him to work together with other people who shared his passion while learning lots of new things. Participating in robotics helped him decide what he wanted to do with his life and what to study as a major. His most rewarding experience was being able to qualify for internationals for both VEX and FIRST in his senior year.

Chris lysiuk


“GTL everyday ….”
Chris joined the Tiki Techs in 2008. He was one of our head engineers on our build team and was the driver for the 2011 VEX and FIRST bots. He is currently studying mechanical engineering at New York University. His favorite robot was Weezy, their 2nd year VEX bot, not only because of the original name but because of the name it was given in the newspaper: Weezy Baby! He says his most memorable moment was winning the first regional and then lifting Kyle while Mr. Brown lifted them both. “Although the team first started out just as chriyle, I’m glad that it has developed into so much more. We are much more than a team…we are a family.” He says.

Natasha leonard


 “Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”
Natasha joined Kealakehe Robotics in 2010 as the team’s operation manager. She was proud to watch her team excel at each and every competition, and was lucky enough to attend the VEX and FIRST international competitions in Florida and St. Louis. Her favorite aspect of the experience was the thrill of watching the team succeed in matches as well as the excitement of everyone coming together frantically as a team to solve a problem in the pit. She has gone on to attend Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY.






Roya participated in robotics during her senior year. She also led up several of the school’s science teams and brought rigorous science and research approaches into the Tiki Tech team processes. Roya currently attends Cornell University in New York. She has completed several internships and plans to work professionally as an urban planner hopefully in Hawaii. She credits much of her success to her experiences with the robotics program





Bryson was part of the Tiki Techs in 2010-2011 and helped fabricate the 2011 FIRST Robot.



Chase helped fabricate the FIRST Robot in 2011.



“Love everyone you’re surrounded by no matter how crazy they are. They may end up being your best friend.”


Ariana joined the Tiki Techs in 2011 and was part of the graphics team. In 2013 she will be attending St. Johns University in Queens, NY to study liberal arts. She hopes to major in interior design and graphic design. She is currently working on getting her massage therapy license before she leaves for St. Johns to potentially get a degree in physical therapy with her therapeutic experiences and help pay any extra college expenses. What she liked most about our team was how supportive our mentors were. She says she will never forget how Mr. Shelor was always there for the graphics team and would like to come back and help whenever she is on the island. “I would like to thank all of the mentors for donating their time and effort to working with us on the robotics team.” She says.

Chandler Daub


“Everything we experience in our lives will stay in our hearts for forever and always.”


Chandler joined the Tiki Techs in 2011 and was part of the fabrication team for VEX and FIRST. He was one of our best fabricators in the 2011-12 first season brought humor into the workshop as well. He is now studying Mechanical Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. He loves robotics because of the good laughs and good times he had.

Ileana argyis


“Don’t be afraid of failure. Just try again.”


Ileana created the team website and helped to develop and manage it. She was one of the Tiki Tech’s “paparazzi”, taking pictures and videos to aid the documentation team. Her official title was “Internet Manager” because she also managed the team’s Twitter and Facebook pages. She has been part of the Tiki Techs since 2008. Her most memorable experience was when she traveled with the team to St. Louis, Missouri for the International FIRST Championships in 2011. It gave her a chance to meet robotics fanatics from around the world. She will be attending UH Manoa to study mechanical engineering and hopes get a masters degree in ocean engineering.  She loves robotics for the many opportunities it has given her.

Shoyo Tsukamoto



“There is no i in team.”


Shoyo joined the team in 2011. He was part of the fabrication team for VEX and FIRST where he was able to gain experience in welding and many other fabrication techniques. He was one of the drivers for the 2012 FIRST Robot and the driver for our robot at the National VEX Competition. He was able to travel to many competitions including Honolulu, HI, Wailuku (Maui), HI, Omaha, NE, and St. Louis, MO with our robots. He will be attending University of Tsukuba in Japan studying geoscience. His favorite part about robotics is when he is able to move and operate the robot that he was building. His most memorable robotics experience was at the 2011 VEX Maui Competition when the team made it to finals. His favorite part about robotics is building and competing. His message to the team is “Just have fun and do your best!”



BJ joined the team in 2010 and was one of our strongest fabricators on the fabrication team. with much experience from his Auto Tech classes BJ was able to teach others how to weld aluminum and lead the team in a very optimistic way.

Amanda Nelson


Amanda finished her third year in robotics in 2013 and set up most of the team’s organizational structures. She was the Tiki Techs operations manager and led our school’s Design Thinking efforts. She was selected to the Hawaii Broadband Design Team during her senior year and continues this work. She participated in VEX, FIRST, and Science Olympiad. The nelson Award is given in her honor. She is attending college at UH Manoa studying education and computer science.

Kully Kekaula


Kully graduated in from the robotics program in spring 2013 after three years working with the team. He participated in VEX, FIRST, and Science Olympiad as a student leader on the programming team. He has previously won the Alan Turing Award. He attends Columbia University in nyC on full scholarship studying bio-computer system applications.

Kela Hauck


“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing” George Bernard Shaw
Kela was one of the original members that helped create the team in 2009. She took part in both fabrication and documentation teams and was a very honest person on the team. She says that robotics has increased her love for building and fabricating as well as her skills in technical writing and public speaking. She plans to study at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM. She loved robotics because she was able to create many different types of machines and got to work with people who have similar interests as herself. Her favorite memory was going to FIRST Internationals for the first time.

Dana Jennings


“Explore everything, enjoy adventure, never hold back.”
Dana was one of the original members of KHS Robotics and joined the team in 2009 as a member of the fabrication team. In her last year of robotics she decided to help the team as a member of the documentation team and helped us with many projects for competition. She loved being able to travel with her friends and meeting new people at competition and says that robotics made her think more about her future and encouraged her to reach out to others. She is currently studying marketing at Concordia University in Irvine, California and hopes to support the Tiki Techs as they grow into a better team. She loves robotics for the opportunities it gave her to learn more about technology and to be around people with similar interests as herself.

Zak Ketchum


Zak spent two years with the program working with design and build team his first year then control systems in his senior year. He was lead driver for 3 international competitions. He also helped start up CyberPatriot. He has previously won the Alan Turing Award. He attends the University of Washington studying computer science.

Justin L

Justin participated with the team as division head for Design, Engineering, and Fabrication(DEF) during his senior year. He was the lead welder on the FRC robot and worked with VEX designs as well as SkillsUSA. He completed 6 CTE Programs of Study and entered the AirForce to work as an Aeronautics Engineer.

Adam Agpaoa

Adam graduated the program in 2013. Adam joined the Tiki Techs in 2009(Founding Member). He worked as a member of our documentation team working on coloring books, write- ups, and daily logs. He participated in VEX, ROV and FIRST Robotics. He won the Albert Einstien Award in 2011. Adam is attending college on Oahu to become a veterinarian.

Nemissa Rickard

Nemissa worked with the Tiki Techs for three years as a leader of the graphics and media program. She developed our team brand and served as lead scout at several competitions.
She continues to follow her dreams of working in graphic communication professionally and was recently chosen as

a graphic designer for the world-renowned Misha Collins. In addition to her employment & continued study as a graphic designer, she has accepted professional graphic design consulting projects.

Kaylee DePonte

Kaylee DePonte graduated from Kealakehe High school in 2013. Although she had only one year formal on robotics, she was universally recognized as one of team’s most outstanding leaders particularly in terms of her contributions to the operations and management of the program. She expanded the team’s outreach into the elementary schools teaching classes every week at local schools. Through this experience, she discovered her love for helping children succeed and she currently attends UH Manoa studying education.

Ma’ake T

Maake joined the team in his senior year and served as one of the head fabricators in addition to his role as captain of the Kealakehe Football team. Throughout his senior year, Maake has stepped up not only as an engineer but also as a leader amongst the Design, Engineering, and Frabrication(DEF) Team leading him to go into engineering. Maake is attending college in Hilo to become an engineer and plans to continue to work as a mentor for the program.

Nikki c
Nikki graduated from the program in 2014. She participated for three years and worked continuously on establishing and improving our media and graphics division. nikki participated in VEX, FIRST, Science Olympiad, and Kona STEM Camp. She won the Galileo Award in 2012 and the Albert Einstein Award in 2013. nikki will attend northern Arizona University and study mechanical engineering.

michael r


After three years with the team, Michael Rangasan graduated in 2014. He served as a member of our Design, Engineering, and Fabrication Division and head
of Field build for FRC. Michael participated in VEX, SkillsUSA, and led ROV. Receiving a full scholarship from the Inland Boatman’s Union (IBU), Michael will attend the Maritime Academy in Astoria, Oregon to become a journeyman shipman focusing on engineering.

taylor q


After serving as Operations Manager her senior year, Taylor Quanan graduated from the program in 2014. She received a full-ride University Scholarship to the University of Tsukuba where she will study Economics(the top rated program in Asia). On the team, Taylor served as the head judge presenter and was tasked with all operations. She served as the first project lead for the Kona STEM Camp.

jerid l


A 2014 graduate Jerid joined the team his senior year after leading the Science Olympiad program in his junior year. Jerid brought a new level of science and engineering analysis to the program and served as a technical writer. Jerid was a lead member of the DEF team for FRC. He did FRC, VEX, Pacific Symposium, CEPF, Kona STEM Camp, and Science Bowl. Jerid will attend UH Manoa to study Chemistry or Physics.

allan l


Allan graduated in 2014 after two years on the DEF team. Allan was the head welder on the FRC robot his senior year. Allan also worked on VEX and Kona STEM Camp. He was a key leader in the fundraising efforts for the team. Allan will be going to school in Washington next year to study mechanical engineering.

daniel a


Dan graduated from the program in 2014 and will go on to study computer science at the University of Texas. He served as head of control systems and was a member of the FRC drive team. He also worked on VEX, Science Olympiad, Botball, CyberPatriot, SkillsUSA the programs.

tc g


TC graduated from the program in 2014 and will go on to economics at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He helped lead our science programs and served as a member of the drive team. He was a key member of the design, engineering, and fabrication team for FRC. He also worked on VEX, Science Olympiad, IPPF, and CEPF teams.


Amy lowe


Amy graduated from the program in 2015 with 4 amazing years she became a Tiki Tech her freshman year, previously participating in the intermediate school’s robotics team. After years of dedication and hard work, Amy became the team’s operations manager and head of graphic design. Aside from robotics, Amy worked very hard in Model UN and has been on the tennis team for four years as well. She also enjoys animals, swimming, and reading. Amy plans to become a product designer after high school.


Benjamin robbins


Benjamin graduated from the program in 2015 and apart from being in the school’s band and a member of the boy scouts, Benjamin has been on the robotics team since his freshman year. He works on the design, engineering, and fabrication of every robot that is built, and enjoys coming up with solutions and adapting to each year’s task in FRC. Ben plays the ocarina and hopes to study engineering after high school.


Chris tabor


Chris graduated from the program in 2015 and worked on the design, engineering, and fabrication team, and has been a Tiki Tech for two years. Inspired by robotics, he enjoys teaching and hopes to become a physics professor or high school teacher. In his free time, Chris plays golf and works at the Hilton. On top of the robotics competitions and presentations that he takes part in, Chris appreciates the sense of family that he’s formed with the Tiki Tech team and our mentors.


Fernanda hennig


Fernanda’s 4 year journey with Tiki Tech she graduated the program in 2015 and has been on the team since her freshman year, primarily competing in several different competitions, such as Science Olympiad and Science Fair. In her spare time, Fernanda enjoys photography and bird watching. She hopes to become a photographer after high school.


Jens lerback


Jens graduated the program in 2015 and joined the Tiki Techs his senior year and works on media and documentation. Jens’s passion for video making allows his to really enjoy his role on the team and appreciate the opportunities and experience that our program offers. After high school, Jens hopes to major in film production and later become a movie director or cinematographer. For now, Jens plays tennis and the guitar in his free time.

Josiah clark


Josiah outstanding four years graduated in 2015 joined the Tiki Techs during his freshman year of high school, and previously took part in his intermediate school’s robotics team. Josiah is our Rules Captain as well as a fabricator on the team, and enjoys the inspiration and experiences robotics has to offer. Outside of his important role on the Tiki Tech’s team, Josiah takes on a full load of activities: theater, band, Model UN, Judo, and paddling. Through robotics, Josiah has vastly improved his leadership, public speaking skills, and work capacity.

Kylie b. Hollis


Kyla graduated from the program in 2015, joined the Tiki Techs two years ago during her sophomore year as our team’s first female programmer. During her time in robotics, Kyla broadened her skill set by taking on the team’s financial management, while also discovering her passion for video production. Today, Kyla works primarily on media and documentation, hoping to study filmmaking in college. Kyla’s favorite parts of robotics include traveling and experiencing new things with the team, all while taking an active role in documenting every exciting event.


Nicole wong


Nicole graduated from the program in 2015 and has been on the robotics team since her sophomore year and works on media and documentation. She enjoys the opportunities that the team provides to give back to the community and especially enjoys working with children through STEM camp. Outside of robotics, Nicole spends her time hiking and swimming. She hopes to become a teacher after she graduates high school.

shayla penera


Shayla graduated in 2015 and became a Tiki Tech her freshman year, and contributed her skills and ideas on the media and documentation team. Aside from robotics, Shayla enjoys photography and music, aspiring to be a professional photographer.

tehina otare


Tehina graduated her 2015 and joined robotics her junior year and enjoyed building relationships with her team members and created opportunities she has been given. Through robotics, Tehina discovered her passion for computer science and became interested in a career in STEM. Tehina has high hopes for her future, as she plans to major in computer science and minor in art in college. Outside of school, she really enjoys drawing and painting.

Zachary kanashiro


Zachary graduated the program in 2015 and joined robotics his freshman year of high school to pursue his passion for building and design. For the last four years, Zach has worked on engineering, design, and fabrication, and aspires to become a mechanical engineer after he attends college. Aside from his love of science, Zach has a talent for playing the saxophone and enjoyed playing at the school’s spring and winter concerts.

JAlen boyd


Jalen graduated the program in 2015 and joined the Tiki Techs his sophomore year of high school. Throughout robotics, Jalen participated in robot fabrication and event coordination, and eventually found the perfect place for his skills and contribution to robotics on the media and documentation team. Outside of robotics, Jalen played football, enjoys creative writing, and swims. Jalen plans to study and pursue a career in marine biology after he graduates from high school.