Hawai’I Island Robotics Exploration and Showcase (HI-RES) is an annual event where the Tiki Tech Team host competitions for robotics teams around the island and shares robotics and STEM with the community

The Kealakehe High School Tiki Techs hosted the 3rd annual Hawai’i Island Robotics Exploration and Showcase (HI RES) fall of 2013. This event enabled the team to interact and form relationships with robotics teams from around the island and other members of the West Hawaii community. This event is always an amazing opportunity for the Kealakehe Robotics Team to share their passion of robotics with the community. In this year’s HI RES we were able to add First Lego League (FLL) and Jr FLL teams into the event, which was very exciting for everyone involved.

To incorporate FLL teams into the event this year we had special judging and tournaments for these students. FLL teams 1946, 1948, 14706, 7113, 17331, 17333, 16090, 7160, 7166, 5404, and 10329 robot design. In core values the students had the opportunity to present and were tested on their ability to work as a team. This years FLL theme was Nature’s Fury. The teams created a preparation plan for natural disasters for the project judging. The teams robot design was judged on their creative process for designing the robot and its ability to complete certain tasks. The teams were so well prepared and enthusiastic throughout the whole judging experience. It was amazing to see such passion and love for robotics in the very young children that compete in FLL and Jr FLL.

In the second half of the day after FLL judging, Vex and FLL robotics competitions began. For the Vex competition, we were joined by local Vex teams and the FLL teams from the morning. It was a great opportunity for the Tiki Techs to show their school and team to the neighboring high schools. The students and community guests in the stands were raging with enthusiasm as the teams battled. It was a very exciting tournament we can’t wait to hold this tournament again next year. The teams were cheering with excitement for their robots This event ended with a closing ceremony to honor the hard work of the students who competed in the day’s activities.