STEM Conference

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math(STEM). STEM Conference is a Maui-based STEM/Service-Learning event that attracts student teams from across the state to showcase and share their technology that is savvy in advancing environmental stewardship and making a difference in their respective communities.


The STEM conference has also coined the saying “Innovate. Empower. Impact The World Through STEM”. The two-day event gives students the opportunity to learn about current in-demand technologies, get the latest software training, and apply their skills against other STEM teams in fun, challenging competitions. Multiple sessions are led by education teams from Google and National Geographic Education, as well as industry presenters from EPSCoR, Air Force Research Laboratory, 3D Innovations, University of Hawaii-Maui College, Searider Productions, 3D Innovations, Goma Games and many more. There were also professional development workshops designed to motivate students in STEM and increase knowledge and use kinesthetic learning (Hands on or learning by touch). The sessions ranged in topics from Google Earth and mapping resources to augmented reality, canoe design, game and web design, 3D CAD, and outdoor GPS/GIS projects. By the end of the conferences the students always come out having learned something new. They always gain vast knowledge and are presented with new STEM opportunities. The conference is a very useful tool that can be used to increase the knowledge of STEM opportunities in today’s world.