Trunk or Treat


On October 31, the night of Halloween, the Waikoloa Baptist church held an exciting event known as Trunk or Treat. People adorned their cars with frightening and creative decorations and set up fun games for the trick or treaters that roamed the streets. A contest was held to determine which of the cars were decorated the finest. The top three winners would be announced at the end of the event. Members of Kealakehe Robotics had the opportunity to take part at this event.

This provided the perfect opportunity to expose robotics to the community and find supporters. Beginning at 6:00p.m., the Kealakehe Robotics truck was being set up with a banner as well as the FRC frisbee bot. We had planned to give out bags containing candy as well as a robotics coloring books. As time went on, the parking lot that held the Trunk or Treat event was filled with hundreds of people dressed in costumes. To attract onlooking trick or treaters, we had the frisbee bot perform various tasks such as moving around. This had children flocking toward our truck awestruck by the sight. As people would visit the truck, we would explain what Kealakehe Robotics was and the functions of the frisbee bot.

After an hour of children visiting our truck, we had run out of the hundreds of goodie bags we had to give to the kids. Luckily, other participants of the Trunk or Treat event provided us with spare candy for us to give away. Later on in the night, we met a woman who claimed to be part of a robotics program in Waimea. We explained what we have done in the past and talked about the robot we were showcasing. Contact information was later given and said she would be more than happy if we were to visit Waimea and demonstrate what we know. From this experience we gained the recognition from the children and parents who admired all the hard work we put into this program. The event eventually came to a close at 8:45pm and the crowd slowly began to disperse. This event had been a great opportunity to expose the community of Kealakehe Robotics and gain the support of hundreds in Waikoloa.