Ahapua’a of Giving

Tiki Techs Ahupua’a of Giving

Sponsors are an important aspect of every team, and at Kealakehe, they are our Ohana. Through collaboration, the Hawaiians worked together as a self-sustaining unit that made their society a possibility. We know that without our enthusiastic supporters, our ahupua’a would be incapable of sustaining itself.

Our Ahupua’a of Giving addresses our program needs and celebrates our generous partners. Our program applauds all donations, monetary, in-kind, time or expertise. As small tokens of our appreciation for your thoughtful generosity, all donors receive a special Makana (gift) package for your level in addition to the gifts of preceding levels.

Ali’i – Royalty ($25,000 and up)
The Ali’i were the most distinguished royalty in Hawaiian culture. Our Ali’i partners provide the visionary support that ensures generations of educational robotics in Kona. This level supports international travel and facilities upgrades. The Ali’i receive all Makana levels plus permanent facilities recognition with an honorary piece of equipment or lab section.


Kahuna – Priest ($15,000 – $24,999)
The Kahuna provided high guidance. Kahuna possess the wisdom required for social vitality. Kahuna partners allow our team to participate in national competitions & provide us with upgraded, professional equipment and tools to stay safe and productive. The Kahuna receive monthly progress reports, life-time membership in the Kealakehe Robotics Ahupua’a, and naming rights for a competition robot!


Kumu – Teacher ($10,000 – $14,999)

A Kumu, the Hawaiian teacher, passes down knowledge & lessons. Kumu directly translates to the “source” or “foundation.” At our foundation, you support our in-state tournaments including the West Hawaii tournaments we host. The Kumu receive a customized team designed plaque made from pieces of our competition robots framing a high definition team picture.


Kalai Hoe Wa’a – Canoe Builder ($7,500 – $9,999)
Hawaiian tradition emboldens canoes with a purposeful spirit of safe travels. The Kalai hoe wa’a creates a multi-generational tool. This level provides support for building competition game fields or purchasing test tanks. You receive recognition on our team shirt, competition banner, and all team publications.


Kahiko Alaka’i – Hula Leader ($5,000 – $7,499)

Alaka’i (leaders) passed down ancient and sacred Kahiko (hula) to new haumana (students). Just as the Kahiko Alaka’i developed methods and strategies for sharing their information, this level supports our curriculum development. At this level, you become a “Team Sponsor” with recognition in all regional, national & international competition programs and on our robots.


Ala Nui – Road Paver ($3,000 – $4,999)

An Ala Nui paves roads and provides access to all participants in the Ahupua’a. Ala Nui funders bridge previous successes with life-changing experiences desired for the future. This level supports required costs like competition registration & robot materials. This level receives signed team gear and pictures throughout the season.


La Wai’a – Fisherman ($1,000 – $2,999)

A La Wai’a fulfills a very important part of the community as he supplies food for the villagers. The La Wai’a supports our comprehensive safety training and team publishing costs. Partners at the La Wai’a level receive a custom year-end program DVD.


Ipu Maker ($500 – $999)

The Ipu Maker carves masterpieces from Hawaiian gourds. While creating beautiful pieces, the artist maintains the rich heritage of the Hawaiian culture. Our Ipu Maker support training/software for our team and receive a custom team calendar.


Lei Artist ($100 – $500)

The Lei Artist creates ceremonial & customary gifts. At this level, you provide our students resources to mentor other robotics programs in our community. You will receive personalized, student-made competition postcards.


Poi Pounders ($1 – $99)

Poi Pounders provided ancient Hawaiians a steady source of sustenance. This level gives our organization a steady stream of local support. You receive a thank you letter, community outreach event invitations, & website recognition.