VEX Robotics

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 6.37.50 PMVEX is a competitive robotics competition, every year a new game is designed and released to teams so we can start building the required 18″ – 18″ – 18″ robots, that are completely fabricated out of VEX pieces.Through this event students get the chance to work together as a team and learn new academic and life skills. This game is challenging, exciting, and really hones students skills in robotics and helps them to further understand STEM. The students who participate in these events are presented with rigorous challenges and extremely engaging activities that perplex the mind. These challenges also cause the students participators to become excellent problem solvers. This skill will greatly benefit them not only in the robotics program but also in life when they are faced with any sort of problem that must be solved. VEX games allow the team to have fun competing themselves and also put on outreach events for the community and younger students to get more people interested and engaged in STEM education.

This past year, our team of Tiki Techs were able to build and qualify five robots for the Hawaii State Championships, each with very different skills sets focusing on different game strategies. Our team has managed to consistently qualify for the VEX world’s tournament and looks forward to the challenge that comes with VEX this year.

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